Collagen Induction / Glow Brilliance

GLOW Brilliance

Collagen Induction Can Improve:


Soften Keloids

Acne Pitting, Ice pick scars and large cysts

Lip Fishers (causes lip stick bleeding)

Stretch Marks

Post Surgical Scars


Plumps skin tissue

Softens wrinkles

Tightens skin

Increases blood flow

Products penetrate deeper into the skin

How It Works

Prior to treatment, a topical numbing agent is applied to minimize discomfort. 

A single use needle and cartridge system is used. This system ensures optimum safety and delivery of products. 

Applying the needle to the skin allows hundreds, even thousands of micro holes into the skin. This will send chemical messengers into the body to respond to its own natural healing process. Chemical messengers or fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin which supports new cell production.

Phases of Wound Healing After Treatment:




Maturation (skin seals, forms a scab)

Remodeling new tissue

Treatment Time

Please allow 50 minutes for first visit for discussion about medical history and areas of concern and treatment. The actual treatment process is about 30 minutes.

After Care

After treatment you may experience up to three days of redness or slight sunburn feeling and/or mild peeling with use of acid serum.

Apply topical cream or oil to soothe skin‘s surface. (A&D Cream, jojoba oil)

Apply SPF 30

Mineral Makeup can be worn immediately after service on top of sunscreen

Many people see results immediately, others take several months.



See the Collagen Induction Before and After Pictures for examples of Collagen Induction's amazing results!


Treatment Costs


Package Deal

$375 for three treatment with acid serum

Please take your before pictures at home of stretch marks, wrinkles, lines, acne scars, under eye bags, dark circles whatever is your concern, pictures will journal the results. 

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