Eyelash Extensions

The way to have amazing and natural looking lashes is to:

* Have them applied to individual lashes.

* Have them applied by a licensed, certified professional.

* Have them applied by someone who wears them!

Following these three simple guidelines will guarantee beautiful quality lashes.

These lashes are semi-permanent and generally last 2-4 weeks. You can expect to pay $100 to $300 for the initial application, and $25-$100 for refills.


To hold your appointment a credit card number is necessary and $1 will be charged to confirm your spot. This will be subtracted from your total bill when you have received your service.

Most lashes are molded polyester lashes. The lashes I offer vary in length, curl, thickness, and even colors!


Eyelashes have a short life span in general, but the health of your lashes can be improved with the following suggestions:

* Biotin daily supplement (5000mcg 2-3 times daily) found at health food stores, even Costco, for lash growth.

* Never tug, twist or pull at your lashes or extensions.

* Treat your eye area gently. If you have an itch, scratch above lash line, never at base.

* Air dry lashes after washing them. Using towels, cotton balls, and q-tips can leave fibers on lashes that are difficult to remove. You could also use soft paper towels.

* When dry, gently brush them with mascara brush.

* Try sleeping on your back or side to avoid laying on lashes.

* If you choose to wear mascara, wear one that washes off with baby shampoo.

* Do not use water proof mascara because it will weaken the bond of adhesive.

* Apply mascara only at the base of lashes, to keep them in place and to look their thickest.

* When applying eye cream, avoid getting it on your lashes.  

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